Writer, Researcher (1933)

During the Renaissance, Greek scholars that fled to the West struggled to keep the candle of Hellenism flaming so that the eternal wisdom of the Ancient Greek philosophers be disseminated to the peoples of tomorrow. Altani is one of today’s such people, one of the most erudite philologists, who continues to pass on the hidden knowledge of the Ancient Greek thought in a deciphered way, so that it affects the readers’ souls.

She studied philology and foreign languages, then continued her studies in music in Conservatio di Santa Cecilia di Roma and in the Royal School of Music in London. Thereafter, she got involved in studying the Ancient Greek philosophy and mythology.

The writer’s first book that started it all was Epidauros Tholou Apocalypsis. It was the beginning of a series of books of mythological-philosophical-psychological content called Arrhetoi Logoi, and which bridged mythology with philosophy, proving the former’s profound meaning on man’s soul. In it, Altani first made a worldwide discovery about the heliocentric system and the precession of the equinoxes exactly displayed on the pavement of the Tholos of Epidaurus, 40 years before its discovery by Aristarchus and 170 years before the birth of Hipparchus, respectively. The analogic relationship between the microscopic human being and the macroscopic celestial universe has been realized.

In the following books were introduced or decoded key concepts of understanding the Greek philosophy, such as symbols, Gods and deities, archetypes, Pythagoras’ arithmosophy and the Pythagorean theorem, anagrammatisms of the Greek language based on Plato’s Cratylus and the “monsters of the soul”. In the fourth book, Altani managed to reconstruct the ancient system of Greek Meditation (Ἑλληνικὸς Διαλογισμὸς) by putting together the lost pieces of the puzzle based on the surviving works of Orpheus, Hesiod, Homer, Plato and Pythagoras. Its enormous success attracted the interest of academia, where Greek psychiatrists confirmed the practical importance and the beneficial effects of the Greek Meditation. Since 1997, she has delivered over 242 lectures on television on philosophy as well as held workshops on Greek Meditation (Ἑλληνικὸς Διαλογισμὸς) on a regular basis. Her works are products of the Greek Meditation.

The cultivation of the ancient Greek inheritance and the promotion of the Greek philosophy and thought are but a result of Altani’s hard work. The greatness of her work lies in her ability to decipher what eminent scholars cannot, provide us with a clear understanding of the profound wisdom of the Ancient Greeks and most importantly, her achievement to rebuild an incredibly ancient and complicated method that was lost thousands of years ago. That method’s purpose is not only to give valuable fruits to the meditationist but also to aid humanity’s soul to become one with the Divine. Such work can only be undertaken by people with virtue, memory and discipline.


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